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Jungle Juice is a hilarious game of capitalism, adventure, strategy and cunning for compatible Amazon Kindle e-readers.

Elephant in trenchcoatBetrayed and stranded in a foreign jungle, Arnold Pig needs money to find a place to sleep, escape a monsoon and eventually make his way home. Like Lemonade Stand, use the news & weather report to decide your price and what juice to prepare. Once you're ready, begin the day and watch the cash roll in!

Meet 40 characters including a shrewd camel, prankster octopus, and dangerous criminal. Deal with friends, foes and charlatans in 3 interactive story modes with multiple endings. Your decisions make the difference between massive profits and bankruptcy!

Octopus and/or squid

Jungle Juice is for anyone wishing to use ingenuity to amass fabulous riches, plus a fun way to teach basic economics, applied math and vocabulary!


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Elephant in trenchcoat

Buy the game on Amazon.com and have it transferred directly to your Kindle! (We'll be eternally grateful.)

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